HwInfo driver conflicts


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I've set up HwInfo in sensor mode to monitor my system's temperatures. However when i try to launch another program that reads system info , such as Cpuz , it will display some errors in startup and then cpuz's process will get locked , using 25% cpu always and not responding . Terminating the proccess via task manager doesnt work either so the only solution is to reboot the system.

Same thing exactly happens with 3dmark11, where it's system info tool (Fmiscan.exe, which runs before each benchmark) gets locked in as well.

Exiting Hwinfo with persirstent driver enabled, before running the programs , doesn't fix the issue , if persirstent driver is disabled and i exit everything runs fine.

Any ideas as to why this is happening? I would like to not have to unload hwinfo everytime i want to run one of these programs.

I'm using HWinfo64 V3.90 (build 8/11)
I don't think this is an issue of the driver itself, because when HWiNFO is terminated, the driver is not used (inactive).
What machine do you have? Please attach a HWiNFO Report File and Debug File.
Also please try to disable LPC & EC Support in HWiNFO to see if that helps.
Disabling LPC & EC Support did not help.

I have attached a full report of my system and the debug file.


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Does the problem occur when you just launch HWiNFO64 (with system information), or after you open the Sensors window?
Could you please attach the same files, but also open the sensors window.
Maybe also try to disable "From Bus Clock" option to see if that changes anything.
It doesnt matter which window is open , it happens on both of them.
I tried disabling "from bus clock" but it didnt help either.
I have attached the updated files as you asked

Thank you for your time in trying to resolve this.


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