HWiNFO is not giving consistent results across mutiple vendor computer boxes.


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I evaluated HWiNFO sometime back and it looked promising as a startup tool to help diagnose computer hardware issues(if any). But the more I am working with this tool on various hardware platform the more I am getting aware of the limitations of this tool.
Here are some of the examples:
1. I can see the CPU Fan status in my HP Laptop, but the same I am not able to see in HP 420 or HP 820 workstations. 820 comes with cooling pumps but HWiNFO does not recognize it as one of the component.
2. In one instance my HDD interface is SCSI instead of SATA. The tool did not report the HDD at all.
3. system parameter limits are stored in registry instead of config file so it could have been easy to have one setting that can be used across systems, now I have to set the limits on every system in order to highlight the variances.

When can we expect a version that is compatible across major platforms and can provide consistent results?
Every system is a different design and that also determines which parameters can be monitored. Some systems (notebooks especially) use proprietary methods to monitor fan speeds, most of them are not know outside the manufacturer. There is a lot of posts talking about it on this forum.
Thus it's not possible to report the same parameters on all systems. It's by design.
Only settings which are not portable (local machine specific) are stored in the registry. Due to the variety of different systems and their sensors, applying those settings on a different machine will not result in the expected behavior. Though you can still backup those settings and restore back where ever you want.