HWiNFO Maximum CPU Mhz Showing Crazy Numbers


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I use HWiNFO to monitor my computer, it is the only program that I use, so there is nothing to interfere with it.

Sometimes I will get a reading that will look like this:


My computer runs perfectly fine, I never have any issues but this insanely high Mhz reading will sometimes happen for no reason. The voltage and temperatures remain normal, I don't notice a hiccup or stutter or anything, so I am chalking it up to a software error. The thing is, it is happening more frequently than before. In the past it used to happen once every few days, now it is happening almost hourly and I usually "Reset Values" just to get rid of it. I am using the most recent version of HWiNFO, but not BETA.

I have seen other people who had this problem, but their Maximum was tame in comparison to mine, 9,000 or 11,000, but not 6,757,805... Anyone ever encountered this before or know what might be going on? I am not experiencing any issues with performance, temperatures or usage so I'm chalking it up to a software problem / bad reading unless someone has anything else to add.
This is definitively a bug in HWiNFO. Which CPU do you have?
It would be helpful for me if you could capture such situation in the HWiNFO Debug File and then post it here for analysis.
Martin said:
This is definitively a bug in HWiNFO. Which CPU do you have?
It would be helpful for me if you could capture such situation in the HWiNFO Debug File and then post it here for analysis.
Here is a complete system spec:
i5-4670k -- 4.5Ghz @ 1.2v
Asus Z87-A
8GB(4GBx2) G.Skill 2400Mhz, 10-12-12-31 1.65v*
Kingston V300 120GB SSD
Seagate 7200rpm 2TB HDD
EVGA GTX 780 SC w/ G10 Modification -- Kraken X31 + Heatsinks
Phanteks Enthoo Pro Chassis

*I recently upgraded my RAM, and the new stuff is 1.65v which is outside of the recommended spec for Haswell processors. Being outside of the recommended 1.5v isn't causing any performance issues, but maybe it is having an affect on the monitoring. Come to think of it, after I did this upgrade is about when it started happening more frequently. It would still happen with the 1.5v RAM though.

Where is this Debug File? I am trying to find it on my computer via search and its not turning up anything. I also don't know how to recreate this happening, it just does it on its own randomly while I am internet browsing or playing games.
Ok, how would you like me to submit the DEBUG file, I have it, just not sure how to open it to view it. Do you want me to email it to you?
Best is to pack it (ZIP, RAR, 7z, etc) and then either attach it here, or send me that via e-mail.
I have an Alienware 17
Computer: Alienware 17(new model)laptop
Motherboard: Alienware Model 05RW0M
Chipset: Intel HM87 (Intel Lynx Point HM87)
Intel Core: i7-4930mx
Graphics: : Nvidia gtx780m(NO Intel graphic)
Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SSD connected to SATA 3(ACHI MODE)
Windows 8.1 x64bit

I am experiencing exactly the same problem with my laptop.
I see part in of the forum pages (with useful information about alienware) On several photos where they show up hwinfo64 is exactly the same problem with a bunch of numbers under cpu clock speed .. This problem has hosted several versions of hwinfo64. How can this problem be solved? But I LOVE Hwinfo64. This is the best monitoring software I know of :D
Sure, I'll have a look at that - but please attach or send me the HWiNFO Debug File capturing such situation.
Martin said:
Please try to new v4.43-2295 Beta and let me know if it's fixed now.
Hi Martin
I'm using the latest Version (4.44) of HWIFO64 and it looks like the problem with crazy numbers are fixed.
Thanks for your help, to this superb program ;)