HWInfo misreporting CPU


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Hi, I'm a new HWInfo user having just installed it on Windows 10 (on a Clevo W350ET laptop). I have a quad core i7-3630QM CPU but HWInfo reports it as a 'Intel Genuine 2400' and shows only 1 core. The Sensors display shows all 4 core's VID but only one core's temp (CPU #0).

Is this an issue with my hardware or is there something I can tweak in HWInfo to get it to see my i7-3630QM properly?

Many thanks. :)
I think this is a problem in Windows or BIOS, which limits the number of cores reported - have already seen this a few times. I believe other system information tools will be confused too.
Sometimes this limitation is enforced via a boot configuration option (bcdedit), some other users resolved this only by installing latest Windows updates, or needed to reinstall Windows.