HWInfo Not Starting on Startup

HWinfo does not seem to ever start on Startup as asked.

I've tried re-enabling Auto Start:

I've verified the Task exists in Task Scheduler:

And the task is even running, yet HWinfo does not open on startup.
So if you run the task in Task Scheduler manually it starts?
Try to adjust the startup delay if that will help.
Running the task from Task Scheduler does not open Hwinfo even a few minutes into startup.
I've also verified in Task Manager that Hwinfo is not running at all.
Just to make sure I understand - if you right-click the task and select "Run" in Windows Task Scheduler, then nothing happens? If that's the case, there must be something wrong either with privileges (Admin) or its settings.
That is correct.
I changed the Task to not run with Highest Privileges, and it changed nothing. The .exe is not set to run as admin.
Is the user an Administrator and the "Run with highest privileges" option check in Task Scheduler?
This is a *BUG* (nothing to do with sfc).

I installed on a fresh win11 (fully updated), and can confirm the auto-start option do nothing.

The workaround is to create a shortcut and put it on: shell:startup (press window key+R).