HWiNFO plugin not working on multiple users


Hi, I'm the creator of a skin pack called illustro Gadgets, which uses the HWiNFO plugin to get most of its information. I've been having this issue with the plugin since I first installed it, but haven't gotten around to reporting the issue until now. Here is a detailed explanation of what I am experiencing:

I have a Windows 10 PC, which my brother and I share. We are both administrators and both have Rainmeter skins that require HWiNFO. There is an issue with the plugin which occurs if both users are logged in simultaneously. The program will work with whichever user was logged in first, but if you log into the other user while the first is still running, the plugin on the second user will not detect anything. The SMV will give the "Failed to connect to HWiNFO" message, and the plugin will not report any values unless you log out of both users, then log into the one you want to use.

I'm not sure if this is a flaw with Windows 10, because Rainmeter also has issues with multiple users (I originally installed the program from my user, and consequently it will NEVER auto-start on my brother's user, even though it auto-starts on mine perfectly fine). If anybody can help me, it would be greatly appreciated!