HWInfo sensor window opens on Windows login


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Each time I log into Windows from the lockscreen, the HWInfo sensor status window opens.

Attached image shows my current settings - I have also tried unchecking the 'minimize main window' / 'minimize sensors' options, but it still appears to show.

I do want HWInfo to launch when I start windows, but I don't want the sensors window to open up. I assume the shown options control that, but it seems like I'm missing something.


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Those options should work as you would expect. Is it possible that you have multiple instances of HWiNFO64 installed and in fact you modify options for an instance that's not the one automatically started?
Also check in Windows Task Scheduler the HWiNFO tasks for automatic starting.
HWinfo64.ini in the location of the process that runs on login shows MinimalizeSensors=1. Looking at installed programs, it seems like I only have a single instance of hwinfo64

I enabled "auto-start" option, found the Windows Task Scheduler entry, fully deleted that, and I'm still seeing the behavior where the window opens on login. Then I disabled the auto-start option, checked to confirm there is no entry for hwinfo in Task Scheduler, and unfortunately I'm still seeing the same behavior.

I had a utility (via Stream Deck) utilizing HWInfo data, and I removed that as well, but still see the same behavior.

If I fully quit HWInfo, it will not start up on login - only if it's already running, the window will open even if it was closed and only present in the process tray before sleeping.

Is there any other setting or process that might invoke HWInfo and cause the window to open that I could look at?
Do you maybe have MSI Afterburner running utilizing the HWiNFO plugin? That's known to respawn HWiNFO too.
Upon further investigation this seems to be tied to some issues with windows10 sleep on my machine, and not directly related to HWInfo specifically. Thanks for the help here, apologies for bothering.