Hwinfo shows all 6 cores working fulltime all the time


Is this an issue with Hwiinfo reporting the i7 8700 cpu, a motherboard settings issue or a stuck full on CPU?  Anyone have a clue?  I got the CPU  used and am on the 2nd New MB with same issue (MB settings all in default  as much as I can tell).  Thanks in advance.
Several things can be causing this, most common would be background processes causing occasional load.
First check the load of you system threads.
I would attach an image if I could see how. All six cores are at full without any conceivable load. It's as if the motherboard is telling the cpu to process on al six and not throttling back and using only two if not needed.
Thanks... you nailed it that time. Power Plan was set to performance. I set it to balanced but for my choices and the meter went to normal. Thanks again for the pointers.