HWInfo Shows Mobo Data Twice With Different Values


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Not sure why but for awhile now I've been noticing HWINFO reporting my Mobo info twice, and a good amount of the data is different. I asked a buddy if his showed duplicates but he said no. Just wondering if there could be an issue with the bios or something I should look into, or maybe its HWINFO? In the pic it looks like the VR Loop1 and VR Loop2 switched its data. But the rest of the data is different.

System Specs:
MSI X-470 Gaming Pro Carbon
Ryzen 2700X OC @ 4.2Ghz
Corsair Dominator Platinum Ram 3000Mhz OC @ 3200Mhz
Samsung 970 Evo NVME
Evga Rtx 2080 Black Edition Gaming


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This is all correct and expected. VRs always mirror temperatures between loops, but each of them represents a different voltage rail.
Like mine (R5 3600, X570 AorusPro) the first section is for “Cores” and second for “SoC”. You can see it by the voltage.
..more precisely the VOUT value, which is the output from VRM towards the component to which the voltage is supplied.