HWinfo shuts down the PSU Fan


I have a Corsair HX1000i PSU, the PSU fan is put to fixed 60% all the time, when every i start HWinfo, HWinfo shuts down the PSU Fan,

I have to every time restart the Corsair Link and restart the PSU fan manually, 

Since i live in a Hot climate country keeping the PSU fan is a MUST.

if HWinfo is reading the PSU fan speed, it should not shut it down every time i start HW info

My system Specs:
i7-6800K, ASUS x99 A-II
32 GB Gskill Trident Z RGB
GTX 1080 Founder edition
Patriot Hellfire 240GB Nvme
Windows 10 Pro 64Bit
This could be caused by collision with older versions of the Corsair Link software.
Are you running the latest version of Corsair Link, or have you tried to run HWiNFO without Corsair Link ?
Yes, I have the latest Corsair link,

the PSU fan is always on, but the moment i start HWinfo, the PSU fan shuts down, I the have to start the corsair link and enable the fan mode again
So Corsair Link is not running when you start HWiNFO and the problem happens, correct ?
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File when the problem happens and I'll look into that.
Corsair Link always running to keep the PSU fan on, But the moment I start HWinfo, the PSU fans shuts down,
then I have to open the PSU fan control window in corsair, reapply the PSU fan speed, and this i have to do every time
i start my PC, there is no hardware failure issue reported by the PC

Also where to locate the HWinfo debug file
Can you please try to start HWiNFO without the Corsair Link software running to see if that will cause the same problem?
Corsair link software keeps the fan running, if i suspend the process, then the PSU fan will not run.

what is the point of running HWinfo when it shuts down a critical component (a PSU Fan). Since i live a
hot climate country keeping the PSU fan is a must.

HWinfo is a good software, but with my current hardware config it has proven to be a problem.

the best solution is not to Run HWinfo
Of course that's not something that should happen and I'm trying to figure out why.. But the problem is that the Corsair protocol used to communicate with the device is sometimes quite erratic and might not work reliable.
It's really difficult to determine what exactly is causing this and how to fix it. So for the time being my suggestion would be to disable monitoring of the Corsair sensor - click on the sensor heading and hit the Del key. Then be sure to close HWiNFO so that settings will be preserved. During the next start the problem should not happen.
even after disabling the PSU sensors it still stops the PSU fan, secondly I also disabled all the sensors in the list, still stops the PSU fan

I am sure the HWinfo sensors manager has a bug
Well, that's really strange.
Is the cooler perhaps connected to the ASMedia USB Host Controller? If yes, please try to connected it to a different port on the Intel USB Controller. If you cannot do that, you might try to rollback the ASMedia USB Host Controller driver to the standard Microsoft USB driver. I have seen lots of weird problems with the ASMedia USB Host Controller and its driver.