HWiNFO taking nearly 80% CPU, pushing overall CPU to 100%


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Since the latest version upgrade, HW CPU usage will spike, and the system becomes unusable. I need to force close HW as the system gets to 100% CPU use.

After a couple of uninstall/reinstalls, I decided to permanently remove it from my system. If this is a unique issue for my system, I'll reinstall and get debug report.

Win 11 Pro 22H2
No recent hardware changes or major software installs.

It's possible that HWinfo is reporting too frequently which results in your processor not being able to idle properly. I've seen this as a common issue.

After reinstalling HWinfo you can run Command Prompt (as administrator) and type in the following command line:

powercfg /energy /duration 5

After that runs type in:


This will open the report in your browser and you'll be able to see what programs are could be causing this excessive workload.