HWInfo Unloads on its own


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My laptop is doing something strange. HWInfo loads as it always does with Win7-64 bit. After it's on for a couple hours, moved around, plugged into a USB device, I'll put it back on the desk with the power brick. Then I notice HWInfo is no longer in the tray, I load it manually & it works normally.

What could be causing it to "unload" & how do I capture the event for you?

Could it be the USB to serial device is causing this? It uses the FTDI chipset.
I could try it without moving the laptop around. If it happens consistently, should I load HWInfo in debug mode & then try it?
HWiNFO should not unload itself and no such even should cause it either.
When it does unload, do you see HWiNFO running in Task Manager?
If you have HWiNFO autostart configured via Task Scheduler, please check if there's maybe an option enabled which would cause it to terminate on some event or timeout.