Hwinfo updates cause I2C issues to AMD(Hawaii)


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Hello. So i was using some previous version like 5.35 i think and updated to two latest ones 5.37 then 5.39. After this updates I2C started causing system crashes which appear in form of Black Screen of Death while browsing or playing video. I know it was GPU related because i fighting these black screen crashes long time but dont know exactly what was the trigger, then my first try was about Hwinfo in backgruond so i keep it off and black screen crashes disappear. So i decided to try Hwinfo againg and disabled I2C support this time and apparently black screen gone.

The point is than last week when i was using former HWinfo i run it without problem with I2C, so after some softwares updates it started crashing. Before Hwinfo update It reported GPU Chip Power consumption with some high usage like i showed you in Reddit/AMD discussion some days ago. With latest updates now GPU Chip Power stay always in 15W usage and only GPU Core Power shows higher consumption.

I'm still trying to understand some deeply problems here, because my card comeback from warranty 10 days ago, it was causing randomb black screen of death before while browsing or playing videos but it happened even without any monitoring software on, now after warranty apparently the problem is caused by HWinfo I2C support.