HWiNFO v6.15-4010 Beta - CPPC core order issue


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Hello Martin ,

After updating to the latest beta, my readings go like this (CPPC + CPPC Preferred cores enabled)
With version v6.15-4000 , it was correctly corresponding the performance rankings (CPPC + CPPC Preferred cores enabled)

Can you tell me what to make out of it ? Is there some kind of bug ?

CPPC is enabled on my BIOS (latest beta 3.51 /Tomahawk B450 MAX)

Thank you in advance

Edit : Here are my readings when :
CPPC Preferred Cores : DISABLED


Edit 2 : Here are my readings when :
CPPC : Enabled
CPPC Preferred Cores : Disabled



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Build 4000 wasn't reporting correct CPPC order, it was fixed in build 4010.
The first column in "(perf #n/n)" is the CPPC order - what the CPU tells the operating system to prefer.
The second column is the hardware order based on core silicon quality. #1 means the highest rank, so the most preferred core.
According to the screenshots you posted (of build 4010):
- From hardware perspective the best core is: 2, then 1, 4, etc.
- But for optimum performance (CPPC), the CPU recommends to use: core 1 and 2 (both at same rank #1), then 0, etc.

Further explanation by AMD see this reddit article
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I appreciate your response.
My problem is that i am reading two times #1 performance in the first column of Core 1&2 , coming from CPPC according to your explanations. Is there a problem of the CPPC implementation in my BIOS ?
No, this is expected. If you read the above post by AMD, you will notice that a combination of 2 cores is chosen as best for CPPC.