HWiNFO v6.27-4170 Beta released


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HWiNFO v6.27-4170 Beta available.

  • Fixed and improved monitoring of VR VCC sensor on Intel SVID VR systems.
  • Added per-rail voltage and power monitoring on NVIDIA GPUs.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS ROG STRIX B460 series.
  • Fixed a possible crash on some systems with down-cored CPUs.
  • Added reporting number of RT and Tensor Cores for NVIDIA (requires R445+).
Was wondering if you can add addition support for the gigabyte z490 boards (or preferably z490i aorus ultra). I can't view my RAM temperature probes despite them having them on this board where as on others I can, additionally I can't view the VR VOUT sensor which is the only accurate sensor to read actual core voltage on this board (vcore is back of the socket reading). Would be much appreciated thanks.
VR VOUT on Z490 series is currently being worked on.
Your board doesn't feature a dedicated RAM temperature sensor and I doubt the BIOS is showing it either. So RAM temperature is available only for modules that feature a temperature sensor (TSOD).