HWiNFO v7.07-4505 Beta released


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HWiNFO v7.07-4505 Beta available.

  • Added reporting of Secure Boot support capability.
  • Added monitoring of IOD (IO Die) hotspot and average temperature on AMD Zen2 and later CPUs.
  • Fixed monitoring of some MSI X570S series mainboards.
Hey Martin
Very nice additions for ZEN CPUs lately! Thank you!!

But where exactly should the IOD temps appear?

It should appear after per-core temperatures.
If you can't get it shown please attach the Debug File.
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Yes its not shown as you can see the above screenshot.

Here is the compressed DBG file


  • HWiNFO64.rar
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You seem to be using the "Snapshot CPU Polling" option. Can you try to disable it to see if IOD temps will be shown?
Yes, that did it.
I disabled "Snapshot CPU Polling" and IOD temps appear.
Is this normal? I have to disable snapshot CPU polling to have IOD temps?
No, it's a bug that shall be fixed in the next build.
Just note that with "Snapshot CPU Polling" option enabled, the IOD average temperature can't be reported. Only the hotspot (maximum) will be shown.