HWiNFO v8.03-5455 Beta released


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HWiNFO v8.03-5455 Beta available.

  • Fixed stuck PresentMon values after terminating graphics application.
  • Enhanced detection of NCP8153x PWMs.
  • Always On Top setting is also applied to OSD Independent Window.
  • Enhanced reporting of connected USB device speed and connector type.
  • Added new Intel Battlemage, Melville Sound and Celestial models.
  • Enhanced support of next-generation AMD APUs.
  • Improved AMD SMU access synchronization.
  • Added support of Nuvoton NCT6701D.
  • Enhanced support of some next-generation ASUS systems.
  • Enhanced support of Intel Arrow Lake.
Would it be possible to set polling for presentmon or rtss for example independly from global polling period ?
One for rtss / presentmon or fps app used, and rest for hardware stat polling ?

On Radeon software this is possible as well however Radeon software is usually always buggy so i almost never use it, it's why i use hwinfo to begin with.

Not really a big deal tho.
Well, PresentMon is a specific sensor and I'm not able to increase the polling rate for some reason - present events arrive in batches and with a certain delay.