HWInfo x64 5.04 - showed Kraken details at first but not after a reboot


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I was pleasantly surprised to see pump temp/speed of my Kraken X61 show up when installing HWInfo 64 on a fresh install of windows 10 today but after rebooting, the monitoring of the Kraken has disappeared and the option to add it to layout isn't visible.
It seems that something is not allowing HWiNFO to access the device. Are you maybe running other Kraken monitoring tools ?
Please try to disable that software to see if then HWiNFO will be able to access the Kraken.
I have a similar problem with Kraken X62.
Scenario is a bit confusing:

1. HWInfo does not show the Kraken in sensors when CAM is disabled at system start.
2. Launching CAM after HWinfo in that case does not change anything - Kraken still isn't there. Even when I restart HWinfo with CAM enabled.
3. When CAM is set to launch at system start, HWinfo still does not recognize it, BUT now, when HWinfo gets restarted, Kraken is shown in the sensors.

I dont have the slightest idea why Kraken sensors in HWinfo seem to depend on CAM autostart.
Can you provide some help getting Kraken sensors to be shown without restarting HWinfo?


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The Debug File you attached seems to be from a run when HWiNFO recognized the device.
Please also attach a Debug File when HWiNFO doesn't recognize it.
Here is the debug file from scenario where Kraken wasn't recognized.
CAM was running at system start.


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This looks like something else in the system is not allowing HWiNFO to access the cooler.
I suppose it might be the CAM software, which allows only exclusive access for itself when it's running.
As a temporary workaround, one can slow down the autostart of HWiNFO for 1 minute in Windows task scheduler, so it gets loaded after the CAM upon system start.
Tested and working.