hwinfo x64 v4.24-2000 create conflicts with Mobo software


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Hi all ^^
I've recently solved an issue regardin the Intel Rapid Storage driver,
So now i was tryin to OC a bit my system trought the "TurboV Evo" software from Asus.
After i set the FSB and multipler on the CPU, i run Hwinfo to get more precise temperature during stress test as ChineBench, wPrime or even Intel Burn test.
But i noticed 1 thing. With "TurboV Evo" opened, if i run Hwinfox64 (v.24-2000) and then the sensor, TurboV "lose" the control of the FSB and the multipler too, so i can't set the default anymore if i set too much high value
I have a screen of it
As you can see the FSB value is -65, and that's impossible XD
the dbg file is too heavy (5,5 MB) and i have problem to upload here.


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I think I know why this happens - it could be a problem of using a certain Intel interface by multiple applications simultaneously.
I'll try to fix this in the next build released.