HWiNFO32 and HWiNFO64 v4.15-1895 Beta released


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HWiNFO32 v4.15-1895 Beta and HWiNFO64 v4.15-1895 Beta available.
  • Added support of additional CHiL/IR VRs on GPU.
  • Fixed enumeration of GPUs disabled by nVidia Optimus.
  • Fixed freezing of Synaptics SMBus touchpads on Intel chipsets.
  • Merged and rearranged nVidia Internal GPU sensor with NVAPI.
  • Added AMD Radeon HD 7790.
  • Added nVidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost.
  • Added monitoring of D3D Usage on AMD, nVidia and Intel GPUs (covers Direct3D only).
  • Improved enumeration of RAID arrays, added RAID status reporting.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on nVidia nForce 790i reference mainboards (Zotac, EVGA, XFX, etc).
  • Enhanced support of AMD GCN2 family GPUs.
  • Added monitoring support for On Semi NCP81022 on GPU.
  • Added nVidia GF119 models: GeForce 705M.
  • Added nVidia GK104 models: Quadro K2 USM, Tesla K2 USM, GRID K520, GeForce K2 USM, NVS K2 USM.
  • Added nVidia GK106 models: GeForce GTX 760M, 765M, 770M.
  • Added nVidia GK107 models: Tesla K1 USM, Quadro K1 USM, GeForce GT 740M, 745M, 750M, GeForce K340 USM, NVS K1 USM, GRID K340, NVS 1000.
  • Added nVidia GK110 models: GeForce GTX Titan LE, Tesla K20, Tesla K20X.
  • Added nVidia GK208 models: GeForce GT 730M, 735M, 740M.
Hi Martin,

Done & Done. :D


I was reading today your working on a Web site based Extension interface . Is it possible to have it WiFi Intranet based access as well? I don't really need the access on the Internet but WiFi Intranet to my Tablet would be great when I am running a game. If I could set a specific IP, I should be able to get it through my tablet browser like Opera Mobile, otherwise I would guess it would need an Android app.

Best Regards,

Sorry Crysta, but where have you read that? I'm curious, since I'm not aware of working on something like that ;)
Martin said:
Sorry Crysta, but where have you read that? I'm curious, since I'm not aware of working on something like that ;)


On both your Home Page and Extension Page at the bottom. :p

I haven't been on those HWiNFO Site pages for a while myself. I was looking for a "Donation" Button on your Home Page. Do you accept? I don't have much but I do really like your software. :D

Ah, you probably mean the Mini WebServer that is (was) in development? That is (was) done by someone else. I say "was", because that guy started it, got it working to a certain state, but then seemed to abandon it. I haven't heard from him for a longer time...

I don't ask for donations and there's really no need for it, but if you really insist, then you can check this thread: http://www.hwinfo.com/forum/Thread-donations ;)
Hi Martin,

OKAY! :D Far be it for me to impose myself on you. :p

To the other issue, if the subject ever comes up again, please keep WiFi and tablets in mind. :D