HWiNFO32 and Samurize


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Hi, Martin

I like Samurize tool (http://www.samurize.com) and I would like to use HWiNFO32 as source of senors information. I can write Samurize plug-in, but the one way I found to get HWiNFO32 sensors data is monitoring of the registry key where it puts formatted strings for its gadget. It's not the best way for integration, and I worry about performance. Is it possible to add a shared memory to access raw sensors data (at least name-value pairs) from another program on the same machine (like in SpeedFan and in old MotherBoard Monitor)?

Also, can you add option to hide "Examining system configuration" progress bar on startup?

Yes, I think it is possible to add such shared memory feature. I will put it into the to-do list.
I have checked the Samurize web page, but haven't found the shared memory interface specification (or an implementation sample).
Yes, but I don't know how the data format should look like for Samurize.
I do already support shared memory for RTSS (RivaTuner/Afterburner/EVGA Precision) and for that I have the RTSS spec so I could implement it.
Or does Samurize itself not support the shared memory and HWiNFO32/64 should define its own format so a plug-in between HWiNFO32/64 and Samurize will utilize it and interface to Samurize ?
Martin said:
HWiNFO32/64 should define its own format

i`m not interested on Samuzire, i`m interested for my own application and i`ll like to read sensors info and use my application to update a web page
I came here looking for the exact same thing - a specification for a shared memory space owned and maintained by HWiNFO so that other software (LCDHost, a powerful and heavily customisable LCD display tool) can access and display the data.
This feature has not yet been implemented.
I'll consider it when there is real demand from other developers to create plugins for visualising sensor data.
These plugins need then to be made freely available to anyone.
That's a shame, but Ok. I suspect many developers look for applications that already publish shared memory and code support for that rather than asking.

To clarify, the aim of shared memory space is to create plugins/extensions for other applications to read data from your application. One of the users of LCDHost asked us to add support for this application to the existing list of supported 3rd party monitoring applications and I agreed to look into it. We were all in agreement what a great looking app you've put together and it appears quite feature rich so I was optimistic that data would be available.

Never mind. I'll let them know it's not going to be an option for the foreseeable future and they'll have to stick with one of the other programs.

Good luck with HWiNFO - like I said, it's a very impressive and well build application.
There is probably some misunderstanding here.. Sorry if I haven't expressed myself correctly.
I said YES, I can do it in case there is real interest from developers which will then create plug-ins and make them FREELY available to anyone.
That means I'm offering this for free to those which will do their work also for free.
I didn't know you're a developer and maybe from LCDHost ?
So is that your case?
(replied via email)

Short form in case anyone else is reading this: Yes I am a developer, I develop many of the plugins for LCDHost including the monitoring interface. All my work is free (I do it for the kicks and challenge), and also open source. LCDHost itself is not built by me but by SirReal. Although it is currently free I obviously have no control over whether SirReal changes the pricing. Indeed, the LCDHost website states:
it will probably be around five to ten pecent of the price of a Logitech G19, whatever that turns out to be once LCDHost is done.

That said, while it's still in it's alpha state (meaning it's not yet feature complete), it will be free but the program will stop working two months after it's build date.