HWiNFO64 6.24 reports rx 5700 XT memory type as DDR4


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Asus rog strix b450-f mobo (current) bios : 3003 from 12/19, sapphire pulse rx 5700xt, 20.4.2 (current) radeon drivers, ryzen 7 2700x, windows 10 64bit build 18363.815

not sure what other information you need. I just installed HWiNFO64bit and it seems nice but I noticed a couple interesting things

First: RX 5700 XT Graphics memory type field says DDR4 (it's gddr6)
Second: Graphics card area: Current clocks: both GPU and Memory are jumping around constantly, I assume this is due to the card's natural ramping up and down but it is happening constantly... is that normal? I figured it would jump around and settle with usage, but this is just constantly jumping around even if I am not doing anything. Perhaps it is stuff in the background...
Third: The card is PCIe 4.0, and is reported as such in HWiNFO, (PCIe v4.0 x16 (16.0 GT/s) @ x16 (16.0 GT/s)) however, my motherboard and cpu are only pcie3.0. CPU-Z, for example, recognizes that it's a pcie4.0 card in a pcie3.0 slot. I figure this isn't a bug but might be something you guys want to add?

Oh yep, and in checking the bigger application window that pops up after the initial screen, it says

Video Memory: 8176 MBytes of DDR4
under rx 5700 xt.

Edit: I also noticed that when it's listing off my ram, which is in slots A2 and B2, it says "Row: 2" and "Row: 3" but that would be row 2 and 4 unless it is 0 indexed and then that'd be Row 1 and 3.