HWiNFO64 Causes RAM Lighting issues with Patriot Viper RGB 3600mhz


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I've had an issue since I built my computer in July where every time I run HWiNFO64, it causes my RGB light settings on my RAM to reset and begins flickering random lights.

While it is easy enough to reset manually, I'd like to start running HWiNFO on start-up and minimized but this forces me to reset my RAM lighting every time I boot which is a slight inconvenience.

It would be awesome to have this issue solved so I can always have the sensors running in the background! Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
If you're running the RGB control software along with HWiNFO, can you try to start HWiNFO without it if that will cause issues too?
Otherwise this might require an exercise to determine which SMBus device is causing this. You'll need to go into the "SMBus / I2C" tab of main HWiNFO settings and try to select boxes in the "SMBus Device Exclusion" table to determine which need to be excluded. To speed it up, best would be to start by selecting entire rows and run tests to determine when it stops conflicting with RGB. Once a row is found that needs to be selected, narrow down by deselecting its items to determine only one (or perhaps a few) that need to be selected so that the issue doesn't happen.
Thank you for the quick reply! I disabled Armoury Crate RGB control and then started HWiNFO as instructed and the problem did not occur. The lighting did reset itself during HWiNFO start up but no strange flickering occurred following that reset. Seems to be a conflict with Armoury Crate which is no surprise seeing how finicky RGB software tends to be.

I will try your suggestions to determine which SMBus device is causing this and then likely exclude it. Will post update, thank you for everything you do Martin!
Well, yes there's a problem with such software as many vendors refuse to play fair and implement synchronization with other applications.
It's quite likely that the device needed to be disabled is in the 50-57 range, which also corresponds to DIMM SPD. Disabling that range will also cause HWiNFO unable to read the DIMM data.
So Row 7x , Column x7 was the device causing the issue for me. The program also opens instantly now when previously it would take about 30 seconds; definitely an added bonus!

Not to worried about DIMM data fortunately, actually think I have those values hidden already.

For reference, I am running a Asus TUF Gaming x570 wifi mobo w/ Patriot Viper RGB DDR4 3600mhz ram that uses Armoury Crate + Aura Sync to control lighting.

Thank you again Martin!
Interesting, thanks for the feedback.
I'm thinking about skipping this address automatically, but don't know if this device at 77 is something on the mainboard or the RGB control on DIMM.
Do you get this effect if you run my SIV utility (rh-software.com)? It would be useful if you attached the two Menu->File->Save Local files so we can see all the SMBus devices (Menu->System->SMB Bus) and which utilities use the locks (Menu->Help->Lock Handle)