HWiNFO64 - display sensor status freezing.


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So I was trying to get HWiNFO64 to display CPU cores clock/usage within games (OSD) and managed to successfully but sensor values just don't seem to change - it is quite hectic though, sometimes it will update and sometimes it won't. There is absolutely no set patterns as to when it will update and when it will simply halt all along (and then all of a sudden it starts to function again and so on).

What's going on?
For how long do the values freeze and do all of them freeze, or only some ?
Does this happen in the HWiNFO sensors window too ?
Also please post a screenshot of the HWiNFO sensors window, so that I can see all values displayed.
Okay. Well I hope this is the screenshot you were referring to:

PS: see the counter on the bottom, it says "2:19" and that's when the sensors already stopped working. When I came back to HWiNFO window it was showing 3:14 and freezed. Now it is like 3:23 and counting! Oh no, it stuck again. :-/


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So all values are not changing, only the counter at the bottom is counting ?
Unfortunately I don't see all sensors in the screenshot, so I don't know the required details. Please either attach more screenshots with rest of values, or the HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data.
You might also try to disable the sensors (right click and Disable Monitoring) one by one until you find one which is causing the freezing.
No, apparently all values are not changing and that happens exactly when the counter freezes as well so same thing for both simultaneously. I've added a few more screenshots, not sure what info exactly you need but there you go.

Thanks for the hint, will try and disable some sensors to see if that helps.


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Thanks for the further information.
Please let me know if disabling a certain sensor did solve the issue (maybe the S.M.A.R.T. ones?).