HWiNFO64 doesn't remember prefences


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Ok, this is annoying but it seems like my HWiNFO64 doesnt save prefences at all.

And i'm not native English so sorry for my bad English.

_I installed HW64, open it, like pic 1.jpg,
_click Configure, changed settings like pic 2.jpg,
_click OK, Run it, and instead of open Sensors, it opened System Summary like 3.jpg
_ok, then, I click File > Exit.
_open HW64 again, and click Configure, and it was 4.jpg??

What I tried to do:
_run it as "Run as Administrator",
_search for something like an INI file hope that I can change the prefences manually but I CAN'T find it,
_reinstalled it.
_open it, config, run, quit and save, again and again.


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These settings are stored in the HWiNFO64.INI file which should be present in the same folder as HWiNFO64 is.
I think the problem might be in the way how you setup the options. When I check your settings, you have selected to "Minimize Sensors" which causes the Sensor window to minimize, so it's not not visible (only in tray). So you should either disable the "Minimize Sensors" option, or select the "Minimize Main Window" as well which will hide the main window too and you can access sensors from the tray icon.