hwinfo64 flickering since updating to 7.02-4430


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I was on version like 6.42 or something until I updated today, no issues there. Once I updated, hwinfo started flickering intermittently. It seems to not be completely regular, sometimes it'll flicker (like the whole window goes grey/black for a tiny fraction of a second, barely enough to tell that it's a grey window, but the flickering itself is obvious) 2 times in a second, sometimes only at the polling interval (2 seconds), sometimes just completely random intervals. Although it seems to flicker more regularly in the background, in the foreground it seems more prone to random flickering.

Is there some way to stop this?

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qR1YETFdKFzWZsSbs562T8XfDGURkikY/view?usp=sharing the forum doesn't let me attach the debug file so I uploaded it to drive

EDIT - It just randomly went away after I submitted this report. Weird but I guess problem solved? I'll leave the debug file there in case you want to take a look at it.
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That could be due to a mismatch in sensor layout configuration. You might try the latest Beta version 7.03 or doing a full "Reset Preferences" or "Restore Original Order" in sensor settings.