HWiNFO64 freezes after couple of seconds. After freeze prevents PC from full shut down



I have a problem with H64. It freezes after a couple of seconds to a maximum 2 minutes.
After that, I can close the program, but I can see still being active in task manager. I can't kill the HWiNFO64 process in the task manager.
Re-running the program does nothing.
The worse is that "bug" prevents Windows from a full shutdown. Monitor goes to sleep, but all fans and LEDs stay on forever, and I have to force full shutdown with a power button. This only happens when the program was run and failed.

I tried the last two versions and the problem persists.

Any ideas?


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Are you perhaps running some other monitoring tools with HWiNFO?
Try to disable some options in HWiNFO, I'd start with "EC Support" and "Disk Scan" if that will help.
That seems to work!
I disabled both "EC Support" and "Disk Scan" and the program is up and working for over 15 minutes now, that never happened before.

No, I don't have any other monitoring programs, unless you count AI Suite 3 from Asus.
Thanks Martin!
Oh well, that might explain it.
I think you can enable Driver Scan back and it will work.
Then I think if you remove AI Suite, you can safely enable EC Support too, as this is causing collisions between both tools.
I uninstalled AI Suite, re-enabled EC Support and Disk scan and unfortunately, the program froze again after a minute. It only works with EC Support disabled, regardless of AI Suite.
I have no other monitoring tools in place.
AFAIK uninstalling AI Suite is sometimes not enough as there might be some components still remaining.