HWiNFO64 freezes when running ryzen master


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HWiNFO64 has been working great but for some reason whenever I start ryzen master, HWiNFO64 simply freezes and all the sensor information stops reading. Ryzen master works fine but HWiNFO64 never starts monitoring again.

Current spec: 5800x, MSI B550M, 32GB 3200mhz , RTX3080
Can you please post the HWiNFO Debug File of the freeze? You will probably need to kill HWiNFO via task manager to grab the DBG file.
Ok this is weird. I turned on debug mode and ran HWiNFO64 then ran ryzen master. And now it's working fine. I tried turning off debug mode and see if I can replicate the problem again (also rebooted) and now it's still working fine. The freezing has been bugging me ever since I changed to zen3 last year and now it's running normally. Anyways I'll monitor it for a few more days and see if the problem comes back.