HWINFO64 Hard Locks PC When Trident Z Lighting Control is running


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Currently running the new Hynix M-Die 2x24GB DDR5 7200 kit from G. Skill. I am using v1.00.35 of the Trident Z Lighting Control application. Having the lighting control application open and attempting to use HWINFO64 will cause a hard shutdown of the PC. No bluescreen, no errors, just the PC shutting down. Memory sticks will be frozen in their RGB state upon reboot.

Previously, I was using Samsung 16x2 (Corsair branded) memory without issue using this identical setup.

ASUS Z690 ITX Gaming Wifi.
G. Skill 7200 24x2
Also using iCUE for my h110 Elite, however, only background services are active. The main application is not.

I can create a debug file but the Lighting Control application would need to be closed, I'm not sure if that would still give any useful information.


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A Debug File might provide some clues, just reboot the system and grab it.
A Debug File might provide some clues, just reboot the system and grab it.
Hi! I was able to make 2 debug logs.
One is without the lighting utility running.
The second is with the lighting utility active.

I attempted to let my system run until crashing, with the lighting utility active, which it did fairly quickly. However, upon reboot, the debug log was 0 KB in size.
Therefore, the debug log with the lighting utility active is only after roughly ~2 seconds of pulling sensor data. It crashes at around 5 to 8 seconds.


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Thanks, but both Debug Files indicate proper finish of HWiNFO - no abrupt termination like in the case of BSOD.
So I'm not sure whether the issue is somewhere else or you grabbed a wrong Debug File after the BSOD.