HWiNFO64 imported sensors into Riva Tuner Statistics Server OverlayEditor sometimes disappear


As the title says, sometimes some HWiNFO64 sensors imported into Riva Tuner Statistics Server OverlayEditor plugin disappear for a brief second and then reappear (attached gif showcasing the issue, not sure if works so i attached a plain image too).
I don't know if it's an HWiNFO64 issue or RTSS one or a me issue, however it's probably worth mentioning the issue doesn't occur if i import the same sensors in MSI Afterburner instead. Thank you for your time.YXbypZikU9.gifbug.PNG
Have you configured RTSS/MSI AB to pull data from HWiNFO or the other way around? If the first one, then the issue is most likely in the HWiNFO plugin of RTSS/AB.
RTSS/MSI AB pull data from HWiNFO however the issue only occurs when RTSS Overlay Editor plugin pulls the data, it doesn't happen when MSI AB pulls data from HWiNFO