HWinfo64 kills my fancontrol ability !




Normally Im using Speedfan, but i had to use HWinfo because of a Rainmeter Skin and i really liked it.. 
I wanted to switch over to HWinfo but ive had serious problems with it ..
I mean it works, but when i start HWinfo it kills the sensor identification of Speedfan.  Permanently!
After a lot of testing i found out that HWinfo and Speedfan may have problems with each other.
Both programs start with reading sensors, but it looks like HWinfo changes something there.
After that, Speedfan recognizes the RPM but i cant control it anymore.
Second problem > Normally u can control the Fans via HWinfo, but the button is missing , so i cant control them.. (couldn't find any solution)
I had to clear and flash my Bios again to fix that problem..   

Any Idea??

:D xxaphexx :D
It's possible, that there's a problem when running both tools together, but HWiNFO features mechanism to avoid such conflicts and it depends on the other tool if it does the same. So for example running HWiNFO with AIDA64, CPU-Z, HWMonitor, SIV and probably some others should not cause such issues. But I'm not sure about SpeedFan, whether it supports this.
Anyway, without further details of your system (HWiNFO Report File + Debug File) I'm unable to make any suggestions.