HWiNFO64 not running in dark mode


Before I did a clean reinstall of Windows, HWiNFO would be in dark mode. Now, HWiNFO won't switch to dark mode.

I have 'dark' selected for 'choose your colour' in personalisation > colours (i.e. Windows is using dark mode for apps). I have 'default' selected for dark mode in general / user interface.

HWiNFO64 version: 6.32-4270
OS Version: 10.0.19042 N/A Build 19042 [20H2]

Which Windows version/build have you been using before you reinstalled the system and it was working?
I tried to reproduce this problem (running the same Windows version/build and settings), but I cannot - it works properly in Dark Mode.
So no idea what might be causing this. Do you maybe have some Windows compatibility mode settings defined for HWiNFO ?
It's correctly running in dark mode now. The problem was although dark mode was set on my standard user account, HWiNFO64 launches with admin permissions and my admin account had dark mode off (because of the fresh install that setting wasn't changed back).
Nice catch. I was scratching my head about this, so great that you figured it out.