HWiNFO64 Pro v7.32-4900 not outputting correct GPU data to Rainmeter

Just updated HWiNFO to the latest version, 7.32-4900. The update, however, seems to have bork'd GPU data going to Rainmeter.

I use the Modern Gadgets skin to track GPU usage, and the widget doesn't display the correct info. Since the only thing to change is HWiNFO and not Rainmeter, does it seem to be an issue with the new update?

I disabled and re-enabled the "enable reporting to gadget," and yet the value doesn't change.

The bork'd widget
Bork'd Rainmeter.PNG

The actual readings
HWiNFO Readings.png
Verify that the gadget indexes set in HWiNFO match indexes used in Rainmeter/the skin.