HWINFO64 questions


hi. i have a alienware 17 r2 2015. i heard using hwinfo64 i can change fan speed manual and set custom speed. what i know that before the latest update there are only 3 options for fanspeeed. now the latest version we can have more fan speed choice/options. is that right? also for settings turning on IDE/sata drive scan must be put on safe mode and tick low-level pci access,tpm check,ec support,and evaluate acpi methods. with them as you settings will it not cause anymore distorted sound or cause lag to the laptop? help me on putting on the right settings please that would not cause problems and i can monitor the fan speed if possible and change fan speed with more options. thanks
No, that's not correct.
HWiNFO is offering 2 different fan control modes on most Alienware models since long time. This depends on the setting of "EC Support" - if enabled, HWiNFO works in the Compal fan control mode and offers to set fan speeds with a granularity of 100 RPM. If "EC Support" is disabled, then HWiNFO works in a DELL EC mode and can set only 3 levels (off, low, high).
Users have different experience depending on their notebook models and components present - some prefer the Compal, others the DELL EC mode.
The most frequent issues observed were systems lags (high DPC latency), which according to latest reports has been significantly reduced in the latest HWiNFO version.
Other issues observed were systems hangs, which occur on some models with specific configurations and mostly in the Compal mode. According to some reports the only and best way to avoid those was to remove the battery.
Alienware models prior to 2015 offered in Compal mode to control both fans at once only, 2015 models since the latest HWiNFO version can set them independent.
I'm sorry, I cannot give you exact recommendations, as there is different experience among users with different configurations. You will have to try and see how it works for you.
so its either i put them on and see if its laggy and disable them so i wont have lag issues.. because your saying some people have different experience. did i understood it right?