Hwinfo64 show L3 cache frequency/clock wrong || r5 5500


My ryzen 5 5500 show 12ghz cache clock my processor max clock is 4.25 max so its bug or something wrong in my pc
Are you perhaps running some other monitoring or tweaking tool along with HWiNFO? It could be due to a conflict between them.
Try to run without it. If that won't help, it would be nice to know what exact values are you getting for the entire sensor.
Check out this martin


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If only L3 cache shows such weird values then the problem is most likely in the SMU firmware of the CPU. HWiNFO only displays values reported straight by the CPU.
{Ok thanks ❤ martin you reply and give all accurate answer so its just bios problem} again thanks martin ♥️ and (sorry for bad english i am indian high school boy
There's nothing you can do, AMD needs to via this via a BIOS update.
Hey Martin how are you sorry for disturb i found something related to L3 cache frequency. When i disabled amd cool & quiet function in bios then my l3 cache frequency run rock solid all the time but when enable cool & quiet function again show weird values so the main problem is amd cool & quiet function but i not understand why this cause processor to read wrong values
No problem, you're welcome.
Probably the internal monitoring of L3 cache clock doesn't work properly under dynamic conditions.. It's AMD internal issue...