HWiNFO64 turns off the fan Corsair RM750i


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Hi, I've been noticing this 'bug' since earlier builds of both software (Corsair Link 4 and HWiNFO64). Whenever I run HWiNFO64 it turns off the fans of my PSU. Yes, I'm using Corsair Link 4 to control the RM750i PSU Fan (custom fan curve), ram lighting and Cooler h115i. Btw, I really like your app ever since. I hope to see future updates addressing this minor bug. Thank you guys!
They're both working together.
Corsair Link and HWInfo 5.71 last beta.
HWInfo starts before CorsairLink (delay 1 min)
(HX1000i Fan works fine)
Edit: alternative solution
create batch file with:
@echo off
net stop clink4service
net start clink4service
run it from desktop or with taskplaner (delay 30sec)
works too