HWiNFO64 v3.93-1530 freeze at startup


I discovered HWiNFO awhile ago and tried different builds, I think the last 5 or 6 including betas.
In 9 of 10 starts HWiNFO freezes my PC completely at startup while scanning my PC. it happens mostly at "Analyzing Memory configuration".
I tried turning off SMBus and PCI, but this only raised the times that it actually loads to 8 of 10 or so.
My PC:
4GB RAM corsair
HD 6850
600W NT


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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According to the dump you attached, disabling SMBus should fix that problem. Maybe there's another problem when you disable SMBus which appears, but I'd need to have a dump of this situation too.
Anyway, this shouldn't happen. Are you running any other applications for monitoring, system tweaking or similar? They might interfer with HWiNFO. If yes, please try to disable them and let me know...
Thank You for your answer.
I updated to 3.94-1550 and disabled SMBus again.
So far no freezes when i start it right after Windows boots.
I don't know why it did it in the earlier versions.
The only other tweaking tool i normally run is MSI Afterburner.
It works now, thank you^^
When you disable SMBus you'll loose memory information and certain sensor information.
Does it hang when you enable SMBus with the latest version ?
I tried with SMBus enabled today and it did not freeze.
I will try it over the next few days. I had previous versions not freeze also a few times and then it happened again
thank you for your help
Today it froze 3 times in a row. All with SMBus enabled
first time it started normal and when I hit Sensors, it froze.
The next two times it froze at "Analyzing Memory Configuration"
I include all the latests dbgs.


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All hangups are related to reading of SMBus devices (DIMM properties or sensor devices). Since this is a quite rare problem, I suppose there might be a problem of collision with other software or ir could be a BIOS issue (maybe a BIOS update might help).
I'm afraid, but currently the only workaround is to disable SMBus support in HWiNFO.
Thank you for the help.
So i will disable SMBus for now and live with the info i can get from the program.
A new BIOS is not available, only a Betaversion that enables AM3 Phenom II on my board. I am not sure if i should try a betaBIOS just for this issue.
The only other Monitoringsoftware always on is MSI Afterburner for Tempcontrol of my Graphic card. Could that be the issue? But Afterburner only reads information from the VideoCard.

Does it matter if I use the portable version or the installed version? And when I update, should I deinstall the old version first or can I install a new version over the old one?
Thank you again for the support and the hard work for this program.
I don't think that MSI Afterburner could cause such issues, but you can try to run HWiNFO without it just to be sure.
There should be no difference in this case when using the installer or portable version and there's no need to uninstall the old version before the upgrade (copying over the old version is absolutely ok).
Hello again.
I updated to the latest version of HWiNFO 4.04 and i also changed my MB to a GA MA770-UD3 v2.0
I run HWiNFO leave all on default settings and chose to only display sensors.
And in 8 of 10 tries it freezes.


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After launching HWiNFO, please go to Configure, choose the "SMBus / I2C" tab. In the SMBus Device Exclusion table select the box which represents address 33 (0x33) and check it. That should help.