HWiNFO64 ver.6.22-4060, conflicting CPU temps (ASRock mobo vs cpu)


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Hi Martin,

Thanks as usual for the great software. Searched but couldn't find previous discussions of this specific issue ...

On an ASRock x97 Extreme 6 with a i7 4790k:
cpu temps reported by the cpu seem fine (low 30s. png's 1,2), but cpu temps reported by the motherboard in the low 80s (png 3).

I think the CPU reported values are correct (no overclocking or other reason to expect high temperatures).

I don't seem to recall noticing the above before.

Any advice?

Kind regards

Thank you for the report. Can you please check with ASRock A-Tuning (or similar tool) for your mainboard what CPU temperature will it report and whether launching that tool will perhaps change values reported in HWiNFO ?
Thanks Martin,

ASRock A-Tuning reports the low 30s. Launching that tool doesn't seem to change values reported in HWiNFO.

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Thanks. Does A-Tuning CPU temperature match the CPU (PECI) value in HWiNFO?