HWINFO64 weird Ryzen 3900X core ranking


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Hey, as discussed /r/amd, I'm noticing some weird core ordering on 6.15-4000.

Would really appreciate you looking into this. Cheers!


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Thank you.
I analyzed the data and found that this is a corner-case bug in HWiNFO which concerns a very specific set of order only. It will be fixed in the next HWiNFO build.
The CCX-aware order currently reported in build 4000 in this case is wrong and it should equal the original (CPU) order.
3700x in a MSI x570 Gaming Plus
Windows order (which changes scale, but not order after enabling PBO)
without PBO: 151, 148, 144, 151, 136, 128, 132, 140
with PBO: 145, 141, 137, 145, 130, 122, 126, 134


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