HWINFO64 Wrong Order of GPUs


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HWINFO64 latest beta build is reporting the wrong order of my GPUs. GPU1 is sitting in the first PCI-E slot and GPU0 is sitting in the second. 

I have tried disabling Reorder GPUs, but nothing changes. Can you help? Thanks. 

Are the GPUs in proper order in Wattman ?
Please attach HWiNFO Debug Files with "Reorder GPUs" on and off.
I have 1x displayport 4k display.

I have an Elgahto HD 60 Pro connected to the HDMI port on my Vega 64, so Windows is counting that as the second display.
So is that display connected to the secondary GPU? If yes and you connect it to primary, will HWiNFO show the correct order then?
Here's the thing, it is connected to the primary GPU. It's connected to the GPU sat in the very first PCI-E slot.

Using an Asus Zenith Motherboard and i have GPU2 sat in PCI-E lane 3 (the 2nd x16 slot).

Is there any easy way i can swap them around?

I'll save my settings and try a clean installation and see if that helps. I think when i initially set this up i had a HDMI monitor plugged into the 1st GPU, as well as a DP connection.


Clean fresh install with fresh config files didnt help.
Sorry, I don't have a solution for this now.
When GPU Reorder is enabled, HWiNFO tries to detect the correct order of GPUs based on certain parameters, but this has failed on your system.
There's currently no user option that would allow this other than renaming (and/or moving) the GPU sensors in the sensors window.
Okay, i'll have to do that. I suspect it could be something to with using a Threadripper processor and the PCI-E lanes, all 64 of them.
Not, it's not because of that, it's rather an AMD problem. GPU reordering for NVIDIA seems to work 100%, but AMD is tricky..