HWiNFOMonitor 2.0

The page does not exist. Can anyone give a new link to solve the problem with displaying GB?

Lucky for us, the old post was found in Internet WebArchive - and it includes the answer (its a whole page of posts so you need to find the GB and MB issue):

Clip from the page:

"Yeah, this is a known limit, not necessarily a bug. I have limited it to 4 digits due to the limited amount of display space in the gadget.

You can use the "Modify Value" section of the advanced properties for that entry to convert it to something smaller. For instance, select "Actual/Factor" and then enter 1024 as a factor and GB as the units. Now it will display as 12 GB instead of 9999 MB. Or you could use 163.84 to convert to %. Will either of those options work for you?"
is there a way to start HWiNFOMonitor from direct shortcut, without opening the Gadgets applet?
i looked in process explorer, it seemed to use the following:

command line:
"C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\HWiNFOMonitor.gadget\HWiNFOMonitor.exe" 2000
current directory:

however these two placed into a shortcut don't really help, i see it start the process but the gadget doesn't show up on desktop.

process explorer also says the parent process is:
svchost -> WmiPrvSE

how to make all of this together work?
i would just want to have a way to start HWiNFOMonitor by single click, as if it were a standalone application.