HWiNFOMonitor Gadget is blurry


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Hi - I have HWiNFO64 installed on a Win10 PC and a new Win11 PC. I'm set up for dual-boot, so they both are using the same 4k monitor. Both desktops are set to 150% scaling.

The HWiNFOMonitor gadget looks perfect on my Win10 PC.

On my new Win11 PC, the same gadget looks blurry and the gadget appears to be about 25% larger in size. Even though the newer gadget is larger, there is less room for the text in the gadget. Note: This isn't a Win11 problem, it is a gadget <=> screen size problem of some sort. I have installed HWiNFO64 on other Win10 temporary installations, and those Win10 gadgets looked exactly the same as what I am seeing here on Win11.

Is there a fix for this? I can't seem to figure out what I did to get my Win10 PC's HWiNFOMonitor gadget looking great.




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This most likely depends on which Gadget/Widget extension program are you using it's capability to support monitor scaling. So try to check those settings and if there's nothing available you might try to adjust the program compatibility settings.
Hi, Martin - I'm using 8GadgetPack v.34 for both PCs. The Win10 gadget snapshot I sent is set for the "Maximum" size, and the Win11 gadget snapshot was set for "Minimum" size.

As a test, I looked in the %appdata%\..\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\HWiNFOMonitor.gadget folder, and modified the gadget.xml file by adding <autoscaleDPI>true</autoscaleDPI> into the <host name="sidebar"> section. (Note that the autoscaleDPI is not in the formatted Win10 configuration).

That modification helped make the text less fuzzy for the Win11 gadget, but the overall scaling was still far off with the gadget being too large and the text inside still being too large as well.
I'm sorry I can't help with this more, it's not in my hands. The HWiNFOMonitor and 8GadgetPack are 3rd party tools done by someone else.
Update: This scaling issue appears to be related to 8GadgetPack v.34. When I installed the older 8GadgetPack v.31, the HWiNFOMonitor gadget scaling worked properly again.