HYPER V and hwinfo 32 & 64 Problems..


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I am unsure of this being a bug but it's quiet severe.

I run a Asus Maximum Hero VII / i7 4790 with 16gb ram,
it's a daily use pc for all sorts of crap.. downloading.. movies.. music etc.

It uses windows 10, and hwinfo has been running great for months..
I have a problem with my storage drives turning on randomly and it shits me, I think it is something thats happened since around the windows 8 generation, something in windows wakes sleeping disks for no apparent reason and want the disks to sleep and not wake up unless I need them..

I want to try something I have been thinking for ages.. I like the idea of if make the drives offline and making them be connected to the virtual server in hyper v.. and share them as shares kind of like a NAS is you will!

I went to add features for windows and installed the hyper v last night and before adding the hyper v to my system I have no issues what so ever... Months of general computer use and hwinfo was fine..

After rebooting and now having hyper V installed on my computer the system was hanging randomly and took a while to track it down to my hwinfo sensors running in the background. 

I have had to disable many safety items and other items in the settings for it not to hang my system.

now the computer seems stable again but have a strange issue.. The Task Manager shows a CPU SPIKE to 100% every 1 second...
it's like clockwork.. and I look into sysinternals task manager and cannot see the spike.. but do see the cpu mhz speeds  in hwinfo jump up every 1 second to match the spike so it appears that hwinfo and the hyper v are interacting somehow.

I notice a new item comes up in my sensors at the very bottom something about hardware faults and it appears to be a counter..

i think maybe this is the issue??

I can also verify those spikes disappear soon as I exit/close hwinfo sensors... and by sensors I mean the screen with only data.. the page with the values such as current/min/max/average...

I dont really use hwinfo other than that for my games etc.

If you can help to stop the cpu spikes i would really appreciate that.
It's hard to make any recommendations without more details about your system. Providing the HWiNFO Report and Debug File should do that.
Also do you know which of those options you disabled has helped to mitigate the problem with hangs ?
I'd suggest to try also to disable Drive Scan, or disable monitoring of the disk sensors to see whether that has an impact on the spikes.