I cannot show a memory junction temperature.


I cannot show a memory junction temperature.
But I can show it by GPU-Z
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Is this software bug??

I am using ZOTAC RTX3080 Trinity White OC.
I analyzed the data and it seems in this case the GPU Memory Junction temperature is not reported by the drivers. I'm not sure whether the value shown in GPU-Z is really the Memory Temperature.
Did this value disappear after NVIDIA driver update? Can you try a previous driver version?
It seems to me that NVIDIA intentionally removed reporting of GPU Memory Junction temperature in the drivers, which was somehow expected (they don't want users to know this).
But I'm not 100% sure about this yet.
Can you try older driver versions ?
Seems the issue is the 470.05 drivers (leaked), which were not official and meant for 3060 only. Hence no GPU Memory temperature reported.
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Yes, it was the very special (and crippled) beta "mining" driver for the 3060. The 3060 isn't unsing GDDR6X, so it's missing. Simply use an official one and all will be fine. :D