I think HWinfo detects my NVidia graphics card falsely as FAKE


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I think HWinfo detects my Nvidia graphics card falsely as FAKE, i also installed gpu-z which it had different opinion about my card, in gpu-z my graphics card is genuine
so, how i can now know if my NVidia graphics card is trully fake or it's just a false positive of HWinfo?

I got Nvidia Tesla K80 24GB
You can see full specs at HPE NVIDIA Tesla K80 Dual GPU Module: Amazon.de: Computer & Zubehör

Do you have any idea why HWinfo detecs my grapics card as fake?

I have attached the Debug reports.


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  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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This seems to be a bug in HWiNFO and shall be fixed in the next (Beta) build. Sorry for the confusion.