I would like to know wich temp to watch for my cpu


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Hi i downloaded hwinfo to know the temperature of my pc but i dont know wich cpu temp i should watch. Sorry for the screenshot i dont know how to cut correctly the picture
Measuring CPU temperature on pre-Zen AMD CPUs/APUs is problematic as the internal sensor (CPU Tctl) is not reliable in many cases.
The CPU temperature value under the mainboard sensor (GIGABYTE) might be more reliable, but this might only reflect the external (socket) CPU temperature.
And how much diference in heat do you think there is with the socket and the real cpu temp ? Cause i was watching the cpu temp under the motherboard while i was playing and my temperature peaked at 83c one time is that dangerous ?
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TBH, I don't know. It depends on exact mainboard design. I'd recommend to check with GIGABYTE as only they know this.