i5-10210U throttle issues


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I have a relatively new Lenovo X13 with an i5-10210U @ 1.6GHz processor. For some reason it seems to get 'stuck' at low a clock speed, where it will hover around 0.4-0.8GHz for a long time. It usually happens when I'm on a zoom call and it's not doing anything overly strenuous. The problem is that the performance is so limited that it becomes unusable for several minutes. Audio and video in/out gets very choppy, and it never fails to happen at the worst times...

I did some logging with HWiNFO, and was able to capture it happening (attached), but I have no idea what the cause is or how to prevent it. To force the issue, I ran Prime95 and a graphics benchmark to load the GPU with the computer powered in the dock with two external monitors. At around line 150 in the attached file, PL1 drops to 5W and the CPU clock won't go above 400MHz, even after the load drops.

Am I right that PL1 is causing the issue? Any idea what's causing PL1 to drop so low?

Thanks for any help!


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