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Hi Martin,

I am trying to help a guy with i5-3570K that cannot set ratio above x38.
BIOS reports Ratio Status unlocked, though Max cannot be seen (thank you MSI)

In HWiBFO CPU report:
[Operating Points]
CPU Turbo: 3800.0 MHz = 38 x 100.0 MHz [Locked]  

[CPU IVB Features]
DDR Overclocking: Not Supported
IA Overclocking: Not Supported
Can it be that Intel somehow "forgot" to enable overclocking on this CPU.
The board BIOS includes ME8 that no longer allows overclocking on unlocked CPUs.

If you care to shed some light on this.
Full CPU report attached.

Thank you


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You have attached a limited report file only, but my guess is that it might be due to the chipset used, which doesn't support overclocking.
It is a Z77 motherboard , MSI Z77 GA-45, it should overclock alright.
I did not attach full report because my question is in regards the CPU report only.
Is this what should be reported for i5-3570K?
In this case, increase the CPU performance does not make sense - all rested into bandwidth and asynchronous mode of operation of RAM and a significant portion of CPU time you will be idle waiting for data from memory. Change DDR3-1333 memory at DDR3-1600 and it will give better effect than increasing factor in the long pipeline of modern CPUs Intel. The sense in increasing the operating frequency of the circuit is not, well, except that if you are interested in the frequency numbers. The same DEC Alpha AXP 21064A had a frequency of less than CPU IBM POWER2, but the same problem is considered more quickly. Real output of any computer it is time to solve your tasks - what it is, the better, but the cost of ownership of computing system should be considered. Well, you put the house Cray XT6 (http://www.cray.com/Assets/PDF/products/xt/CrayXT6Brochure.pdf), it will be your task to click as nuts, and power to a place where you are? This complex consume 45 - 54.1 kW (45.9 - 55.2 kVA) on the counter, and they are not alone so ... :)