i9 and Issue Registering VMX


Hello again. I am uploading several images of HWiFO64 system info and a Windows task manager read-out.

First image shows red (supported but disabled). I then went into the BIOS and enabled it for security purposes. Now I have a seeming conflict: Task Manager shows it's enabled, HWiNFO suggests it's not available. This issue has popped up before in this forum but I don't see this combination. Can someone provide some info on this?



task man.PNG

I'm looking to enhance the security on this machine. :)
Without seeing the HWiNFO Debug File it's hard for me to provide an exact assessment.
But I think the problem here is that when VMX is enabled in BIOS, Windows enables Hyper-V as well and some of its features (i.e. Core Isolation) is masking access to certain resources including the VMX feature by guest OS processes (i.e. HWiNFO).
I have scoured the UI of both the Sensors and System outputs and don't seem to be able to find where the debugging function is. I looked under all the tabs in the Settings section. Apologies if I missed this. Although I suspect your reply is on the money, I want to submit a debug file just in case. I read the one pinned at the top but it's from 2010, it seems.

HWiFO64 6.28 4200
Here are the files--now I am pretty certain your reply about Windows virtualization was right on. Also, I noticed at the bottom right in the initial System snip that Secure Boot did not seem enabled (greyed out). So, went into BIOS again and there was a setting in the Advanced section set to "other OS." Set it to Windows UEFI and now Secure Boot is enabled properly.


So I appreciate HWiNFO all the more. :)


Yup, if you look in the main window of HWiNFO:
"Microsoft Hyper-V is active. Some results might not reflect real hardware !"