IA limit reasons

Use the latest HWiNFO version, that will tell you the meaning when you hover mouse over that value.
I am analyzing the data stored in the .CSV on a computer other than the one on which the measurements were taken. And in my version of the Hwinfo application on my computer there is no "IA Limit Reasons (avg) [Yes / No]" item which is in the .CSV.

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Temperatures — checked
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Fans — checked
Currents — checked
Powers — checked
Clocks — checked
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I searched Google for the exact spelling of this parameter mentioning the name of the app, and found this thread where an employee of the developer company was unable to quote the tooltip. I had to register on this forum, and write an answer instead of a user support employee:do it instead:

IA Limit Reasons
IA Cores Frequency clipped due to turbo transition attenuation (multi-core turbo demotion). Prevents performance degradation due to frequent operating ratio changes.
This sensor represents a group of aggregated values and the meaning of its values is different: Current: Actual average value of all aggregated current values (not all-time average) Minimum/Maximum: Run-time minimum/maximum value of all aggregated values
Average: Run-time average of aggregated current values
Monitoring of this sensor is disabled. Press the Ins key to enable it


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